Please look above for Olivia's photo- she is going to be attending SUNY Purchase for a 4 year degree in Painting/Drawing Fine Arts! She currently has a 3.24 GPA as well.
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing you today on behalf of Olivia D’Elia, a student I have had the pleasure of working with over the past four years. I could write this letter simply based on how talented and intelligent I believe Olivia to be, but I will try to refrain from the obvious and focus on more of my relation to Olivia as she has grown.
Olivia first showed up to my class on day one with her sketchbook barely used but with an ambition to improve her skills. At first, she did not seem too interested in the creative process or drawing techniques but this quickly changed as she got to know herself and the expectations for the class. From this point on she was eager to learn. Her body of work has grown a lot since then but we still have a long way to go in expanding her portfolio. In my class she began to expand her way of thinking and began to use constructive criticism and her desire to improve both the technical and philosophical aspects of her work.
I see a lot of talented students on a daily basis but one of the things that distinguishes Olivia from her peers is that she is constantly trying to better herself. She is always seeking the knowledge necessary to push her abilities to the limit. This can be seen directly in her approach to learning and understanding the complexities of two-dimensional creation in the arts. Olivia is technically sound in most areas of the arts but her understanding surpasses just media application. As a student, she is interested in the theory, history, and philosophies involved in all aspects of creating. She takes a very scientific approach to her personal creative process which shows in her finished work.
Olivia has been an asset to our learning community here at Brien McMahon and has helped in a leadership role in my Honors Portfolio class. She continues to not only improve herself but the students around her as well. She is always the first person in the room and the last to leave filling the time with insightful questions and a rigorous work ethic that will translate to any learning environment.
I hope you will consider Olivia as an addition to your community. She is not only a great student but a great person as well. Her kindness and grounded approach to life, in and out of school is comforting in this day and age. It is my hope that she will continue to grow as both a person and scholar under the guidance of your community.
Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
Andrew John Mullen
Visual Arts Educator: Brien McMahon High School Graphic Designer
Fine Artist